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63-th International Student's Scientific Conference

19-23 April, 2010

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The 3rd International Society of Automation (ISA) student research long-distance conference

April 22, 2010, 1400 (GMT),
The conference organize in the Frame of the 63 International Students Scientific Conference
of the SUAI and agreement of cooperation between ISU and SUAI.


Gerald Cockrell, professor, ISU (USA)
Anatoly Ovodenko, professor, SUAI (Russia)
Orazio Mirabella, professor, CU (Italy)
Alexander Astapkovitch, professor, SUAI (Russia)
Alexander Bobovich, ISA D12 Past VP (Russia)
Jesus Zamarreno, professor, VU (Spain)
Don Frey, ISA Publications Department Director (USA)


  1. Alexander Astapkovich, Ph. D. (SUAI, Russia)
    Learning asymmetry effect for neuron net control systems
  2. Alexey Tirtichny (SUAI, Russia)
    Analysis of autooscillation micromechanical gyroscope characteristics
  3. William C. Barge (ISU, USA)
    A study of packet loss caused by interference between the Bluetooth component of a telecardiology system and residential microware ovens
  4. Cynthia M. Horta (ISU,USA)
    Concurrent engineering and systems integration at a virtual enterprise
  5. Eugene Bakin (SUAI, Russia)
    Algorithm of schedule calculation for centralized sensor network
  6. Daniel Navia (UV, Spain)
    Stochastic optimization in hydrogen distribution network
  7. R. Barbagallo (CU, Italy)
    Greenhouse management through can network and PLC on a touch screen system
  8. Giovanni Di Blasi, Fausto Fisichella, Selene Gallo, Luigi Gentile (CU, Italy)
    Hand motion capture through accelerometer to develop a remote controller

Instructions for participants:

  1. Please do not click on any functions in the presentation site. Realize when you change a function on the screen; it will make the same change to everyones screen.
  2. Do not turn on your camera or microphone until told to do so.
  3. When it is time for your presentation, the moderator (Joe Ashby) will inform you to activate your camera and microphone.
  4. Dr. Ashby will activate your power point presentation.
  5. To present, activate the hand free feature on the Talk button.
  6. Speak up so that all may hear your presentation.
  7. You are responsible for moving your slides.
  8. Questions will be submitted via the Chat feature.
  9. The presenter will respond to questions via camera and microphone.
  10. When your presentation is complete, turn off camera and microphone.
  11. Enjoy!

room 52-22, SUAI, 67, Bolshaya Morskaya, Saint-Petersburg, 190000, RUSSIA
Phone: +7 (812) 494-70-58; e-mail: